Please Visit us at ACL Music Festival-2016

Tinos Greek Cafe, an Austin favorite, brings the delicious taste of Greek food to Austin foodies. We offer a variety of authentic greek food made with fresh ingredients
to satisfy both the meat eater and the vegetarian. Feast on the popular greek sandwich, the gyro! Pita bread served with gyro meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and topped with our homemade tzadziki sauce. For the health conscious foodie, we offer fresh salad choices. Or tour a sample of greek classics included on our vegetarian plate
with tabouli, hummus, tzadziki and pita bread….perfect to share with a foodie friend.

Tinos Greek Cafe  brings fresh affordably priced Greek food in family-size portions.  We’re not fancy, we don’t dim the lights and our dishes are made to eat!  We believe in big portions and allowing our customers to choose what’s on their plate by offering a “make your own” plate.   We take pride in bringing you the best quality food made from scratch.


Lunch Menu

Lunch served from 11:00am till 5:00p.m. 




Make your own lunch platter

Choice of meat and Three (3) Side items including a choice of Feta Salad, Lentil Soup or Chicken Lemon Soup


Side Items

Pick Three (3) side items with platters



Baklava $2.50   /   Choclava $2.50